Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change

Change is a constant, or so they say.

Life moves on, thats just the way.

Aided through time's prism, it seems to portray,

As dawn turns dusk, and night turns day.

Change is a constant, or so we are told.

As the rigors of life in front of us, unfold.

Change to be noticed, change to be heard,

We'll soon fade away, isn't that whats feared.

Change of behaviour, change of style,

Just to fit in for a little while.

Change of desires, change of heart,

Lets turn a new page and begin from the start.

Change of ideas, change of thought,

For some apt cause for which we so vehemently fought.

Change of costume, so goes the adage,

Believe it or not, all the world's a stage.

Change is a constant, we start to believe.

Change for changes' sake, we can't tend to perceive.

But change for the better, that we must.

Till the end of days, when we turn to dust.

So change is a constant, some beg to contend,

Our ethos and our credo, thats something we should defend.

- Alistair D'souza (Nov 2004)

1 comment:

Rekha said...

"Change of behaviour, change of style,
Just to fit in for a little while"
-Our daily struggle(to excel in so called people skills) aptly put in 2 lines.I keep wondering if that change is really worth and what we lose and what we gain.Or its just a part of the game!