Monday, June 16, 2008

The GodFather Part 2

June the 15th, a day which he would be made to remember, as he lay there, floating in equilibrium, enveloped by the covering that protected him from the elements. Crouched, asleep, unaware of what was happening around him, he gave into teleportation, from his never never land into reality, as he lay there in his most angelic dimension.

He slowly opened his eyes, fighting the resistance that light endured on his being. The warmth of the wavelengths on his eyelids slowly started to form vague lines that seemed to coalesce and then disseminate and then coalesce again to form the outline of abstractness; the aura of objects. Color began to illuminate the surface of the objects and then fade a bit only to finally refurbish a different hue.

He exhaled, releasing the sensations that crept through his nerves; the air unwinding its way into the open only to be sucked back in. And in doing so igniting a million sensory buds as they came alive, deciphering the crisp smell of the cold air; a pungent subtleness intermingled with it, finally exposing itself; a brush with ambience; the flavor of freshness.

And then he exhaled again as a faint sound reverberated through his chest cavity, waxing its way through his larynx, entering the hollow of his mouth for sometime only to find its way back down that tube to its source; waning, waning as it went down, dying out in silent staccato attempts and then the cavity lay barren.

His tongue traced its way through his lips as they broke free from each other, revealing the pinkish tip that licked their rims, quickly sneaking back in to examine the taste as it mixed with saliva.

His hand brushed the fabric that lay beneath his self and as he moved, his fingertips unconsciously traced the patterns that embedded the sheet. The smooth friction between touch and being touched, transferred a tingling sensation through his palms and wrists and his fingers twitched.

Slowly drowsiness and resistance gave in as the objects began to darken, the smell slowly fading, the sound unwinding, taste stagnating and touch losing its sensation. And like a newborn, unconsciously experiencing its first sensations, he slowly drifted back into never never land.

And then the phone rang, awaking him from his reverie and he heard a voice at the other end, "Water broke. Going to the hospital".