Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years

Masterpieces of God's creation, we are members of His flock,

Sent down to earth thru special delivery by His heavenly stork.

Membership for life we have to this club called Human Race,

Enthusiasm, promise and innocence written all over our face.

In this game of life, novices are we,

A small tender branch of our large family tree.

With our mentors beside us as each step we take.

Guiding us thru this maze of rules and virtues, for our own sake.

Unleashing on us, a plethora of knowledge and innovation,

The use of which lies ultimately at our own discretion.

We experience friendship, being parted only by the night,

Exploring alluring paths, we believe we are always right.

Sometimes we hurt each other, causing us great pain,

But the very next moment, we are best friends again.

Feelings of our first love, we wish forever it may be,

The memories of which will last till eternity.

Having mixed emotions, be begin to drift away,

Only to find someone else coming our way.

Nuturing our viable ambitions as each day goes by,

We begin to dream of building castles in the sky.

When the whole world knows of our thoughts profound,

They advise us to first build our foundation on the ground.

Finally prepared to face the world and have our praises sung,

Ironically we embark on a journey thats already begun.

In this rat race, as our innocence and integrity we try,

We don't seem to care as our conscience begins to die.

For some worldly pleasures as these new ways we choose,

Unknowingly and unconsciously a part of ourselves we lose.

- Alistair D'souza (1998)


Vivek Krishna said...

Hey Alice..just saw your blog today.is this poem (Wonder years) your own?or has it got anything to do with the TV Show?
nice one

Alistair D'souza said...

Yeah its my own. However I liked "The wonder years" and probably got inspired by it, so decided to give it the same name. Thanks.