Monday, October 03, 2005

Friends and Family Day

We had our friends and family day yesterday where we showcased technology and gadgets that we work on. In the morning half we had a lot of heads of corporates. The afternoon half was for friends and family. We had been preparing for the whole show over the past few weeks. I along with some other colleagues did some modelling for posters for the demos :-)

I was incharge of games.. came up with a game for taglines of companies... we were also thinking of having a treasure hunt type of game but couldn't blend it into the flow of things... finally I decided to write a poem on the various demos for clues... the clues have to be matched with the demos and then we would give them more lines of the poem in random order which they would use to complete the poem.... When I came up with the poem idea everyone was like, "hey nice!!!". But 'hey nice' is one thing and putting pen to paper is another. Was trying for a few days to write a poem to blend with the flow of the whole show... couldn't think of anything till friday night when I just gave up... finally woke up at 1 am and wrote it till 3am.... :-)

Was also trying to get this particular wireless watch demo into the show since it was one of the products I worked on :-) It didn't fit into the theme of the show which was 'Music's in the air'. However I then came up with this gadget man demo idea :-) Some of the gadgets were related to music and the watch was a gadget so it was slipped into the demo :-) Gadget man would be this guy would have a lot of gadgets on him... all the gadgets are connected wirelessly... You have the wireless watch connected to the phone to get call alerts, smses, reject calls, alarms, alerts etc... the phone is also connected to a wireless headset so that you can take calls via it... the wireless headset is also connected to the iPod via a wireless transmitter so you can listen to wireless music.... so when a call comes in the music automatically stops and the headset switches to the phone... you also get indications on the can redial missed calls from the watch... the iPod and phone is hidden in your backpack or something...

As I already mentioned the theme of the show was 'Music's in the air'.

Here is a summary of the demos which showcased various gadgets/technology/protocols that 'we' have made:

1.In flight - Noise Cancellation Demo
We simulated an aeroplane seating area. Engine noise was being played over some hidden speakers. The passengers could listen to music played from some source, which is connected to noise cancellation headset over Bluetooth. The engine noise could be suppressed using a button provided in the headset, so that only music is heard.

2.In car GMCP
GMCP stands for Generic Media Control Protocol. It is an open standard proposed by Impulsesoft. Currently a lot of car manufactures are adopting it for in car entertainment where you just plug in your music player such as an iPod into the adapter in the car and listen to music over your car stereos. You can also control the music player through your car audio system over bluetooth.
Check out this GMCP article in Automotive DesignLine - by Impulsesoft;jsessionid=VWM3MKY2SDL5QQSNDBESKHA?articleID=171202662

3.Dual music streams
In Car, we listen to music of our individual preferences. I modelled for the posters for this demo.

Ppl in cars can listen to music of their choice over wireless headphones. In a car you can stream FM and CD music simultaneously over bluetooth. Two music streams can be sent to two different headphones or single stream can be sent to two headphones. The user can decide what type of music they want to listen to.

4.Switchover Demo
The user does not miss a call while listening to their favorite music.

The user has a Bluetooth mobile phone, Bluetooth headphone and Bluetooth enabled music source (iPod with adapter). Music is streaming from the iPod to your headphone wirelessly. When a phone call arrives the music suspends and user can pick up the call. When call ends the music automatically starts on the headphone.

5.Voice Recognition for in car entertainment
User gives voice commands (play/pause/previous/next etc.) to the car kit which are executed by iPod adapter and music streams to car speakers connected to car kit.

6.Living room/home demo
There are multiple music/audio sources in the home like TV, Audio System, flash based player etc. Impulsesoft's 'Hippo (iWish-xxxx) and Headset' is a line-in bluetooth adaptor which fits into your TV, audio system, iPod etc... the music streams over bluetooth to your headphones. demo
Hippo usage in office scenario
Laptop has a bluetooth USB adaptor. Hippo (iWish-xxxx) is used to listen to music, chat online over bluetooth. This is ideal for employees on the move.

8.Gadget man demo
Already explained this demo above.

As I had mentioned I wrote a poem on the various demos for clues... the clues have to be matched with the demos and then we would give ppl more lines of the poem in random order which they would use to complete the poem.... I poem also had hints from posters that we had made. The basic theme of the day was 'Music's in the air'. The complete poem is below.

Music's in the air

I wish I could move at the speed of life,
Comforted by technology that cuts out the strife.

I wish I could breathe the hills come alive,
Each one their own, on a very long drive.

I wish I could cruise without ever stalling,
It listens to me, I can commune by calling.

I wish I could surf, set the waves a scorching,
Head-bang and dance like no one's watching.

I wish I could listen without any hitch,
Music to call, why can't they just switch.

I wish at work, to get into the groove,
The perfect aid for the employee on the move.

I wish I could walk on air with poise,
One with the world, just cut out the noise.

I wish I would use my gadgets everywhere,
Watch it all talk, like I just don't care.

Free as a bird, my soul I bare,
My wish for all, music's in the air.

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