Thursday, October 13, 2005

Charlie and the chikki factory

I work in a quaint house. We have around 55 ppl in our company currently. When I was quitting Cisco with the intention of joining this place I didn't tell my parents that I would be working in a house :-) cause they were still trying to digest the news that I was gonna leave the No 1 networking giant for a tiny, unknown startup. My employee id out here is 65. In Cisco it was 110xxx. Baskar is a co-founder of the company. He is employee no 1 and also the CTO. The company was first based at his rented home in Malleshwaram, Bangalore. In those days, during conference calls, sometimes the mooing of cows just outside his place could be heard over the phone :-) He once told us that during the initial days he not only had to convince ppl to join but also their parents, if they were fresh out of college :-)

Anyways the house that we work in now, is owned by a chikki walla. Yup.. the guy has a small chikki factory. He decided to send us some of his chikki yesterday. Each one of us got a packet of assorted chikkies. Yum. Why didn't he think of starting a chocolate factory!!!!!

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Etchen said...

Good luck at your new job. Smaller may not has as many tangible benefits, but it usually has more satisfaction at the end of the day. ;-)
By the way, what is chikki?