Monday, June 26, 2006

Resonant Whisper

Resonant Whisper

A never ending journey, to get lost we fret,

Some sounds that we hear, save life from death.

They alter in pitch, they accrue over time,

Their only purpose, to make the journey sublime.

As each one goes through our unconscious mind,

An unknown part of us, they tend to unwind.

A beautiful sound, an archer's touch,

It pierces the heart, but maybe not much.

A fleeting thought, so fast it came,

It tingles your senses, they all feel the same.

You think you have reached the end of the loop,

You start to filter, unknowingly you group.

Out of the blue a whisper passes by,

You tend to ignore it, you seem to know why.

But as time moves on, you hear it again,

You start to enjoy it, you no longer feign.

Sometimes its candid, which pricks like a pin,

It created itself from somewhere deep within.

The silent whisper in a world of the blind,

It starts to resonate, is it your kind.

You hear more such whispers as you go along,

Use your imagination, it adds up to a song.

As the whispers grow slowly, you must let it know,

Of its aesthetic rhythm, a well composed score.

But when distances threaten, will the whispers cope,

No promises to keep, no words, just hope.

Will the whispers start fading, will it whisper no more,

A song for your heart, it resonates for sure.

------ Alistair D'souza 2nd June 2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006

One Moment in Time

The 10 of us were on our way back from what we unanimously agreed was a swell trek. I mean our legs were paining but our souls were marching on. We hitchhiked a ride at the back of a truck which was carrying logs. Some of the logs were tied down while the others were loose. The truck did not have any side support. At first we were a bit skeptical about travelling literally on the edge as we held on tightly to the logs. But as darkness engulfed us we looked up to the stars above. When we looked around it felt as if we were being teleported through time and space and then it happened. The stars descended down from the heavens and they twinkled all around us amongst the foilage, fireflies everywhere :-) It was one of those sparkling moments in time. Nature sure has a way of waxing notalgia.

As a kid i remember more such moments, some on our early morning excursions with my dad. We would take off on weekends and go out into the wilderness. Birdwatching, playing in a stream far away from reality, or a hike through some untrodden paths. Nature sure has a way of waxing anticipation.

The challenge in all of this is waxing the present and embracing each moment as it comes. Nature sure has its ways. Btw ppl are a part of nature too. Happy father's day :-)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hell's Angels

Today's date is 6/6/6. 666 also happens to be the 'number of the beast'. During school we had 4 exams during the year. Two were of 700 marks and the othe two were of 240 marks. During one year I managed to get 666 for the first term. At that time I knew nothing much about the 'number of the beast', but for some weird reason whatsoever the techer felt that it was a big deal and felt it appropriate to tell apprise my mom of my 'marks'. My mom brushed the matter aside. From that time onwards the teacher always looked at me thru this lens which seemed to distort reality a bit. Its a long time back but i think I welcomed the challenge to prove her wrong but in the bargain freaked her out of her wits and managed to score 666 in the finals too. I can imagine her painfully going thru my papers, trying desperately to increase or decrease a mark somewhere :-) But I guess I was like 'marked' for eternal damnation or something.

I guess its human nature to judge people based on outward signs that emanate through the prisms that each of us create over time. I mean we always feel that our actions are white, but often they are seen in a different light by different people. I reckon it all boils down to our frequencies and our wavelengths.