Sunday, September 26, 2010

Canon Photo Marathon 2010

Margaret and I took part in the Canon Photo Marathon this weekend. We were given 3 themes, one at a time and had 1 1/2 hour to capture a picture per theme.

Wanted to capture military personnel for the first one. Make three, four of them stand at attention and one of them indulge in a chocolate. Capture a side view, depth of focus shot, zoom shot but couldn't convince them. The second idea was to capture a back view of one old man in the middle with two old women on either side with walking sticks et al and then would play around with their hands to get the 'caught in the act' shot. Too ambitious... I know!!! Finally Margaret agreed to indulge when there was less than 5 mins left for submission.

Theme 1 - Caught in the Act
Caption: Caught Chocolate Handed

Theme 2 - Reflections
Caption: Shadow of Youth - Reflections of the Past

Theme 3 - Let there be Light
Caption: Music and Spirits can Light up your Life