Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Beneath the Embers

Beneath the Embers

Coup de main, a consensus breached,

Caught unawares, the rainbow bleached.

A masquerading smile, a lukewarm fear,

The icy hands, wasn't it clear.

Consenting adults, the coming of age,

Juvenile passions, each considered a sage.

Prepared questions, to clear up the fog,

As the debate turns to a monologue.

Anticipated answers evoke an alien feeling,

The unfiltered view doesn't seem appealing.

With flowing words, the river runs dry,

As the convincing game ends in a tie.

Astray in the darkness, with each echoing word,

The dialogue begins, others feelings are heard.

As time goes by, you question your faith,

You question your stand, your rhetorical hate.

There is one God, why the contrasting vision,

Cause maybe your beliefs are your religion.

Beneath the embers, as the ashes take form,

From silent lucidity, comes a silent storm.

------ Alistair D'souza 21st Feb 2006


Etchen said...


Eliza said...

very nice poetry !

Mayank Sharma said...

Awesome poetry alistair. very well indeed. Why don't you look out for a wider audience ?

Hiren said...

Very nice. Always a pleasure to bump into a fellow poet and a rhyming one at that. Excellent rhyming. Your problem reminds me of the one I had written, "The legacy of September 11". The content was more or less the same.

Taapsi said...

really nice!..and thanx for ur post...! u r right..wel always find a way of qualifying ppl/situations/life..in terms of good bad average etc!..it just gets unfair smtimes!

Anonymous said...

how beautiful was that?? very profound.

have u read nausea by jp sartre...i think ud find it interesting. saw u on orkut...dint knw u wre so talented.

Alistair D'souza said...

will check out nausea by JP sartre...

Jacqui said...

Beautifully written Al.... and the message! ... Your poetry is of high quality. Congratulations! :-)
Jacqui & Geoff

Alistair D'souza said...

Thanks Jacqui and Goeff