Friday, January 25, 2008

The Wonder Years

I used to watch every show of 'The Wonder Years' back when I was in school. 'Zee Cafe' has started showing its reruns at 11:30 pm on weekdays. The reason I liked it was cause of the narration. Its has this novel touch to it.And its not just fun but each episode has a nice message nicely tucked into it. Like the other day I watched this episode where Kevin was battling the extra affection his mom showered on him. At the end of the episode the narrator says, "Every war has its casualties. Every victory its cost....... But life goes on".

Guess I like watching the shows again cause maybe I'm still in my wonder years.... Wondering about sooooo many things...

If you wanna know where the actors are now, click here.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Godfather: Part 2

"Don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever!", I mumbled as he mumbled back. The 3 kgs I've put on in the past 1 week (cause of eating all that food and all those sweets) added to the character and the puffy cheeks.

But Ronash has puffier cheeks. He is 1 year 2 months and weighs 12+ kgs. We subjected him to a public diaper change, then a public bath, then a public what not.... the things babies have to go through when they are small :-) He likes to lift heavy things and push things from one end of the room to the other side, and then smiles as if he has found the soln to world peace. Speaks in monosyllabic sentences. Calls everyone "Dad" and anything to eat "Mum". My sister Natasha started speaking when she was 6 months. I on the other hand took time; sometime around a year and a half or even later. Guess I was the silent type even then :-)

The little fellow gives this cute smile and then sometimes pretends to kiss you, but bites instead. And then he gives the cute smile as if he didn't do anything. I remember I used to bite people till I was pretty big. Sometimes even draw blood :-) Then I would run home and hide under the bed cause their mothers would come to complain to my parents. My sister Sonali has these bite marks on her hand till now. Once when I bit her she poked me with a pencil and it landed just above my nose between my eyes. The lead piece broke and you could see a black thinghy below the skin for a couple of years before it was finally absorbed. So the little fellow definately gets those biting traits from our side :-) Natasha though, was never the violent type or felt too mature to indulge in petty violence. I used to also think I was a part of Gulliver's travels and tie Sonali's hair to the bed with strings when she was asleep. I gonna teach him how to do that.

My sister Sonali is due in June and then I was wondering if I should lobby for another post as Godfather. I decided to make them an offer they couldn't refuse, Godfather estyle. However they told me before that itself that I'm gonna be the Godfather again :-) Yippie!!!!

However the reality of the post soon hits you. "You're his godfather. Go play with him". "You are his godfather. Go look after him". "You are his godfather. He's too heavy, carry him".
And then it turns out that there are duties for godfather's in waiting. "You have to come with me cause you have to carry my luggage".

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Gaping Void: Beauty and the Abstract

I captured the figurine I had mentioned about in a previous post where this friend told me about this clay figurine she made when she was younger. She says that its ugly but spoke of it in a way which implied she likes it a lot. But she still maintains that its ugly. And that her mother likes it cause its a bit abstract. She had described the posture of the figurine and subtly implied why it took that pose, which made me wonder. She was just trying to make the figurine as close to reality as possible; it wasn't abstract; its just that reality turned out to be a bit abstract.

Either that or I'm suffering from a severe case of flatulence :-)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Still Developing: Photography and Art

Maddy, who is a journalist, wrote an article on photography and art titled 'Still Developing'. It contains two of my pictures from the Leh cycling trip.