Sunday, June 18, 2006

One Moment in Time

The 10 of us were on our way back from what we unanimously agreed was a swell trek. I mean our legs were paining but our souls were marching on. We hitchhiked a ride at the back of a truck which was carrying logs. Some of the logs were tied down while the others were loose. The truck did not have any side support. At first we were a bit skeptical about travelling literally on the edge as we held on tightly to the logs. But as darkness engulfed us we looked up to the stars above. When we looked around it felt as if we were being teleported through time and space and then it happened. The stars descended down from the heavens and they twinkled all around us amongst the foilage, fireflies everywhere :-) It was one of those sparkling moments in time. Nature sure has a way of waxing notalgia.

As a kid i remember more such moments, some on our early morning excursions with my dad. We would take off on weekends and go out into the wilderness. Birdwatching, playing in a stream far away from reality, or a hike through some untrodden paths. Nature sure has a way of waxing anticipation.

The challenge in all of this is waxing the present and embracing each moment as it comes. Nature sure has its ways. Btw ppl are a part of nature too. Happy father's day :-)


Etchen said...

Hello! Justr popping in to catch up on your blog-I hope all is well with you. Any fun new exciting excursions palnned for the summer?

Goli said...

I get the similar kind of feeling in front of sea... things look calm and peaceful.... all the problems and worries become insignificant in front of mighty sea... time stops..

amritevil said...

Past Future and present ... :-? .. Even though it seemed outa sequence, it made a lota sense.