Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Angels: Fully Throttled

I was downloading my mails and found the following in my inbox.

Mission Impossible: A job worthy of the master detective Sherlock Holmes. But u can do it.

The briefing:
Hi xxxxx's angels ;)

Your brief is to find out the gory details about Mr Xxxxxx Xxxxx :-)
He is an alumni of XXX and currently works in Xxxxxx. Get me any dope you can get on him.

Thanks in advance.
p.s. please.

Well had gone out with some friends for a movie the previous night. On the way back one of my friend got a call from his friend asking him to do a background check on a guy who works in Bangalore in some IT company. My friend's friend's sister is to be engaged to this guy. My other friend then told us about a cousin of his who was to be married when he was small. The guy who she was to marry was a doctor. So his side sent two people posing as patients in that hospital to get friendly with the other ppl around and get out info on him :-)

Come to think of it do you really get to know the other person. Acquaintances.. friends... close friends/spouses... Before marriage??? Even after marriage??? It takes time... and time is relative. I mean I'm still trying to figure myself out let alone others. And then we change too. I'm definately a lot diff from when I stepped out of engineering college. My thought process has changed a bit. For the better??? Thats what I would like to believe but time will tell. Well all the world's a stage and we are but just mere performers. Hmmmm... Are we ??? Will I ever get an Oscar...

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