Monday, October 17, 2005

A star is almost born

Sequel to 'its' prequel "Almost famous". For the prequel take a look at 'Almost Famous' at The second part (i.e. 'it') was never released cause 'it' didn't get through the censor board.

Introducing the Orangy Nagpurians Dipti Kothari and Sachin Bedare.... and sidekicks.
Special appearance: some sidekicks
Guest appearance: more sidekicks...
Sermon on the mount (on the terrace): Shekar.. the chairman...
Special Item number: Jaya Kawale... however it did not get through the censor board....
Duration: Impulsesoft was shown for 5 mins during the show where they also showed some biotech stuff going on in bangalore.
Production house: BBC 'Click online'...
The program was aired on BBC during the BBC India week. You can download the video from the web. Check out a sublink from the link below...

The program on BBC's Click Online was aired on Saturday. Couldn't catch it as I was busy with other imp stuff :-) My mom saw it and said that they showed me in the meeting scene trying to give gyan to Dipti.... However my face was partly covered by some flowers :-) Hey I don't remember any flowers being used in the scene. Maybe it was digitally enhanced... Damn.... a star was almost born!!!!!!!

An article on the program.

If she was not working in technology, Dipti says: "I might have started a restaurant of my own, since I love food so much. I could get seafood every day."

Seafood?? ok some Jains eat non veg too.... but I have never seen you eating non-veg... Well it turned out that free food was translated to sea food :-)

check out the Windows Media web based version of it @ the BBC site..

I come for 6 secs :-) Out of which my face is covered by flowers for about 3 secs :-) They play a lot of punjabi music in the background. They should have asked me to choreograph.!!!!! They show our bell, the swing... and the spacious restrooms. Not too much of tech stuff though. More about the lifestyles etc..

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