Saturday, May 28, 2005

Episode III Dark Wader: Revenge of the Sithy

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
well actually yesterday, earth, JP Nagar Bangalore.
The sun disappeared at around 3.45 pm on Friday as the
Force was enveloped by dark, electrified clouds racing across
the sky. The soul of the Force was left battered and bruised over
the past few days due to its inability to cope with the rains. Blackouts,
flooded streets, its hi-tech status down the drains. Jedi Knights... Wake up!

I was busy in office doing some work. Well I had to write it, just incase my manager reads this blog. Then we heard the rumble and saw flashes of lightening. "Early".. I thought to myself. It had been raining heavily for the past 4 days. It would rain only in the evenings, then the lights would go out. However the next morning the sun would be shining down on everyone as if nothing had happened. This was a daily affair.

Within minutes, we were engulfed in a torrent of rain. 59.2mm in one hour... One of the heaviest in recent times. Traffic stopped! Two wheelers were too scared to venture into the unknown as they waited with baited breath for the storm to pass. As they waded through the streets they bore witness to the fury of nature. Trees were uprooted. 150 in the city... 80 in JP Nagar itself... Some buses and other vehicles were damaged cause trees fell on them.

Unaware of the damage being caused we went out into the balcony to get close to the rain. There was lightning, strong gusty winds and sheets of rain. We all savoured the moment protected by the quaint building we call an office. Later there was a blackout in JP Nagar as I presume was the case with most parts of the city.

In the evening I became the dark wader, as I set out on a mission to fill my tummy. On my way I surveyed the damage... Trees blocked the streets. Poles were brought down. Every road was affected... atleast in JP Nagar. I went home that night through the dark roads... lucky to find the lights still on. There was some hope. The mossies wouldn't get the better of me.

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