Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fools Die

My parents called up my sister's husband Nikhil at 2 in the morning a few days back. My mom told him that my dad wanted to speak to him about something very serious. My dad then took over and told Nikhil that his father had called them up discussing about some money issue. Nikhil and my sister got married in November last year. It appeared to be a matter pertaining to dowry or whatever. They told Nikhil that they were a bit disturbed and that they couldn't sleep till now and so decided to call him up. My dad then told Nikhil details of conversation with his dad. Nikhil was like very tense and was trying to calm my dad down, saying my parents will not do such things etc etc... He told my dad that he will talk to him, there must be some sort of misunderstanding.

Another friend of mine who is a mixture of parsi and hindu got a call from his brother who is gonna marry a girl who is half muslim and half jewish. They have been friendly since quite some time. He said that his brother called him early in the morning a few day back and told him that he was thinking of cancelling the marriage since both families couldn't decide on what the marriage ceremony should be i.e. hindu or muslim or parsi or jewish traditions or combination of what not. My friend's brother then told him that he is fed up of everything and feels that if ppl are fighting for this itself then god knows what will happen in the future. My friend got damn tense and was trying hard to explain to his brother that things will work out.

We live in a sphere of traditions, greed, pride, violence, and betrayal that sometimes overshadow the state of happiness that we all so long for. Everything springs from a thought that is passed down generations. The thoughts of today may seem foolish and immature tomorrow. We need to continuously filter our thoughts.

About the stories above, well they are april fool pranks that were played in good humour. Nikhil finally caught on that it was the 1st of april. I guess he never expected his inlaws to pull this one on him. That too at 2am in the morning :-) My friend too burst out laughing when his bro told him that everything was fine and it was just a prank. The very fact that people can joke about such issues feels nice, especially in a society where many times conversations such as the ones above are not jokes. We are all fools in some way or the other and we know what happens to fools don't we. Well if you don't, then ask Mario Puzo; the storyteller whose characters see things not always as they are but as they should be.


Psyche said...

Oh dear!! I certainly hope your sis is doing fine. Looks like her husband is understanding and on her side..

And man! I hope you'r friends brother doesnt give up! comon now, there are problems everywhere and running away from love with no solve anything.

And a part parsi part jewsish part hindu part muslim wedding sounds sooo cool!! I mean.. can I get an invite please?? *my cutest yet smile*

Alistair D'souza said...

yeah my mom sure can act... she claims that it was her acting skills that set the stage.. the seriousness in her voice and the softness and anxiety in each word...

I too would like to attend the wedding :-) I'll let my friend Rohan Grover know abt it and will tell him about the "cutest yet smile". :-)

Neets said...

i loved the way you wrote this post... how true!