Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jumbled Names

In each question, we've re-arranged the letters of an actress, actor or director, and three movies that the person starred in or directed. How many can you name?

1. Actress: - Movies:
CORN MAIZE AD - "Very Bad Things" “Vanilla Sky" "Any Given Sunday”

2. Actor:
PAIN COLA - "Serpico" "Donnie Brasco" "Dog Day Afternoon"

3. Director:
DRAW HONOR - "Ransom" "Parenthood" "Grand Theft Auto"

4. Actress:
WORD BOGGLE IHOP - “Sister Act" "The Player" "Made in America"

5. Actor:
TAVERN ITEMS - "Bowfinger" "Mixed Nuts" "Grand Canyon"

6. Director:
MAMA IRIS - "Spider-Man" "A Simple Plan" "The Evil Dead"

7. Actress:
GERMANY - "Restoration" "City of Angels" "Promised Land"

8. Actor:
CLONED HEAD - "Ocean's Eleven" "The Family Man" "Mission to Mars"

9. Director:
DIRTY CLOSET - "Black Rain" "Gladiator" "Blade Runner"

10. Actor:
BONG SMILE - “Bird on a Wire" "Forever Young" "Lethal Weapon"

11. Director:
MORAL RADISH - “Analyze This" "Club Paradise" "Groundhog Day"

12. Actress:
AUTUMN HARM - "The Avengers" "Maddog and Glory" “Sweet and Lowdown"

Answers Below:

1) Cameron Diaz 2) Al Pacino 3) Ron Howard 4) Whoopi Goldberg 5) Steve Martin 6) Sam Raimi 7) Meg Ryan 8) Don Cheadle 9) Ridley Scott 10) Mel Gibson 11) Harold Ramis 12) Uma Thurman

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