Friday, September 29, 2006

What's in a name

Sometime back the artist formerly known as 'Apurva Jadhav' decided to alias himself as 'AJ'. What's in a name you ask, well the name Apurva is also shared by the opposite gender. In school during elocution his name would be preceded with 'Miss', history repeating itself during prize distribution and other such public displays of effectiveness. Recently I was in Pune and bunked in with Addi and Richa. AJ has a flat in the same apartment, and as we manoeuvered ourselves through the labyrinth of parking spots I came face to face with the writing on the wall reflecting his engaged status, reiterating the fact that he has matured to a point where he doesn't 'miss' his name, he 'misses' it. The writing on the wall.

'Flat No B-801 Mrs Apurva R Jadhav'.

1 comment:

Gaurav said...

he he..I've seen that writing on the wall ...also been witness to one of the prize distribution ceremonies...sum things just keep happening !!