Friday, February 09, 2007

Free Willy

"Oh my God!!!!!!!!" And then my sister takes my three month old nephew to the doctors, the exclamations still lingering on. The doctor takes a look, then looks at my sister and says, "You shouldn't massage him that hard." The nurse echoes the doctors words trying to appear professional, her stifled laughter tickled by the thoughts of the impending action at hand. "But I don't massage him that hard", argued my sister trying to apply logic to speculation. They all look down as a silence lulls the room, only to be desecrated by the next logical utterance, "Ok, so what do we do now". The question floated in mid air and was finally brought down with a grin from the nurse, finding it too hard to contain. The verdict resonated with amusement, "We have to tape it up".

It seems that he had a minor cut near his willy and there was a slight oozing of blood from the area. Speculation fell on my nephews overgrown finger nails, to which he cooed in his own defence; only to be overruled. The last I heard was that there was yet another sequel to the 'Free Willy' series.

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