Thursday, February 07, 2008

On Black Mondays, Super Tuesdays and Ash Wednesdays

Like silent whispers they come, with a consciousness of their own, slowly creeping like ghosts over still waters, fogging ahead, encompassing all. Momentum loses its inertia as you weigh options against options. But the bears just bring you down and its effects propagate reality in a different hue.

But hope lives eternal as man is not made for defeat. He can be clobbered but not defeated. And so options are weighed against options, debates run their fluid routes and the votes are cast. It may just be the primaries but in this marathon campaign every dash seems a sprint as the results are split and its effects propagate clarity in a different saturation.

"Dust thou arth and to dust thou shall return", those words repeat themselves like echoes in rhetoric; groping in the darkness, piercing the subconscious. 'Our place in the sun is just a handful of dust', you wonder; reality and clarity taking on different hues and chromas, as options are weighed against options, and its effects propagate perception in a different lightness.

As you look back you realize how colorful life is.
And if you look real hard you might even see the colors of a rainbow.

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