Thursday, May 15, 2008

Running for NGOpost

We have the world richest 10K run coming up in bangalore this weekend...
needless to say i will NOT win any of that money!!!

Anyways.. about 30+ of us have decided to run for NGOpost this coming sunday. Many have never run 10K before...

Someone was doing a practice run and I'm not sure where he was looking but he tripped on stones and fell down... bruising his knee and injuring his thumb.... however he will run... this time a bit more focused... There are two who ran 11 kms to office on wednesday, just as a practice run!! One of them took a lift inbetween.
And then there is another who tells ppl that its NOT a marathon. Its just 10Kms. So its quite a motley bunch. But what we have in common is that we all will be running for an NGO called NGOpost (

*What is NGOpost?
*NGOpost is a place where people share news, stories related to NGOs. The thought is to make it a one stop platform for getting all news, updates and information about social welfare initiatives. You could also post a problem and ask for suggestions or help to solve it. This initiative was started about 8 months back, and as on date it has over 400 users, with an average of 5-8 stories daily, and most of them real good inspiring stories like this

During the run you will be able to spot us amongst the many runners by the t-shirts we will be wearing. The basic idea is "I phone, I google, I care" and "iPhone iGoogle iCare". Since is an online NGO the idea behind the words are to cover ppl that use the latest technology for communication. Also I sometimes like to keep things a bit abstract so as to make ppl curious to know what its all about :-)

You can support our run by telling more ppl about the site
Also if you wish you can make a donation to our running cause at


for those at bangalore...
PS: registrations should still be open. So if you would like to join us please let us know. online registration can be done here...
or you can directly register at kanteerva stadium till saturday evening

Here is a mail form Parul who started NGO post.
Dear friends,

Most of you know that I have been involved with NGO Post - a web-platform for sharing ideas and information related to various social issues and helping people work together for their solutions across the globe. It started at UCSD in August 07 with a friend(Nitin) and I, and we have since grown to a team of 10 students and young techies. Going further we have lot of plans for making it a powerful network for people interested in social welfare, get experts to drive technology to places which need them and so on. Big dreams but we are on our way :-)

With all the enthusiasm building around Sunfeast 10k run in Bangalore, I, Goli (a NGOpost team member) and 20 of our friends will be running for NGOpost's cause. Here's How you can help:
  1. Support NGO Post in the Bangalore Sunfeast 10K run
  2. Participate - Since NGO Post is all about exchanging ideas and connecting people for social change, the more people use it, the more useful it becomes! Go to NGO Post, share stories and ideas about various social issues, vote for the best stories and connect with other changemakers!
  3. Spread the word - Let your friends know about NGO Post! A few ways to do it:
    • Link to from your websites, blogs, orkut/facebook profiles. We have a scrolling widget that displays the most popular stories which you can add to your site.
    • Pass this mail on to as many people as you can. Please PLEEEASE :-)


Parul Gupta said...

wow, quite a compelling piece - the first few paras urging people to run!

Alistair D'souza said...

yeah was trying to get ppl to run or just read the remaining part of the mail...

humor at the beginning usually gets people interested... wanted to give them a feel of what the runners were upto... practice and otherwise...