Sunday, November 23, 2008

Follow the yellow brick road

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And the Caterpillar said to Alice
'Come back here I have something important to say'
Follow the yellow brick road'.
I just realized something.
The yellow brick road, it is not made of gold,
and the wicked witch of the east just burnt her Red Ruby slippers.
Right then! What do we do now?

A personal request:
We have just a couple of hours to celebrate the start of a lifetime! Considering Mumbai's time restriction we will start (Wedding mass/ Wedding reception) on time. As most would know, there is a certain sequence of events at the reception and we would like you to be there every step of the way!

Wedding Mass:
In case you would like to come for the Wedding mass, it is advised that you reach the Church by 05:00 pm so as to get seating within the Church. The mass is a regular one in the Church and hence there would be limited seating.

Distances (in time and not kms- as is always the case for Mumbaikars!):
It takes about 15 minutes from Inorbit Mall (please see map) to the Orlem Church (Wedding mass- ‘Our Lady Of Lourdes Church’); about 30 minutes from the Orlem Church to Samara (Wedding reception venue); about 40 minutes from Inorbit Mall to Samara; about 90 minutes from Bandra to Samara.
Please note: Once you turn left at the INS Hamla board on Malad Marve road, it is a 12-15 minute drive to Samara. The road is quiet and relatively deserted compared to the rest of the city- so hang in there and please don’t panic! ☺

Distances in kms
Samara (wedding reception venue) is 10 kms away from Orlem Church. The left turn at the INS Hamla board is 4 kms away from Orlem church. From here its 6 kms to the reception. Samara is 700 meters away from The Retreat hotel. Look at this link for kms markers along the route.

We will have a bus leaving from Orlem Church to Samara for the Reception at 06:30 pm. Conveyance from Samara (after the Reception) is difficult. We will have a bus shuttle between Samara and Orlem Church- every half hour from 09:30 pm to 11:00 pm (for those who don’t have their own conveyance). Public conveyance from Orlem Church can then be availed.
We would appreciate receiving an email/ call if you would like to avail of the bus from the Church to Samara, so that we can plan the number of buses accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you on the 15th!
Margaret & Alistair
Feb 15th, 2009

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