Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year

We partied, we played

We stayed up late, all dazed

We sang, we danced

We ate, we laughed

Through all the merriment

Through all the haze

2009 slipped away

2010 was upon us, all ablaze

A millennium has passed in our time

Now a decade within the millennium has also bid adieu

On the brink of another gift of time

I stop and reflect on what has gone by, And on what is to come

This of all years has been a defining one

I thank God for all He has given me

And for all that He chose not to give

I am sorry for a lot of things I did, and some that I didn’t do

As the curtains rise

On another road untraveled

May we make new mistakes

And get closer to who we are to become

May we learn to speak less

And listen more

May we choose to believe in God

And not rely solely on ourselves

May we cherish the gift of time

And be better than we have ever been before

Happy New Year!

--- Margaret Desouza


Anonymous said...

Nice peom. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Goli said...

Alice why you stopped writing and started posting margaret poems.

Lovely poem though, I loved the lines,
Speak less and listen more.

Have a great great year ahead.