Monday, June 27, 2005

The perfect storm

It was Saturday and Nikhil was driving me around to show me some historical sites in Delhi. "I think Humayun's tomb is somwhere around here". "Ok lets check it out". We searched around for quite some time and then decided to ask for directions. Again people were not too enthusiastic to help out. Finally when we were near to it an old man told us to "Go right", then an auto guy told us "Go straight". Never trust an auto/taxi guy in Delhi if your not gonna sit in his auto/taxi. We went a little ahead and found a guy sitting on his bike parked by the side of the road, smoking grass. "Go left". When in doubt trust the guy smoking grass :-) I don't know why the taxi or auto guys don't like to help or maybe it was just me.

On the way back we picked up some stuff for the dinner that we were to cook. Nikhil had called some of the guys over. We were driving on one of the busy roads. A lot of people were eager to get back home. Then suddenly we saw someone fall. An elderly man and his wife were driving and the bus infront of them suddenly braked. The man tried to avoid it but I think the side hit his handle and he lost his balance. The lady had a royal fall. If the car infront of us was going any faster the lady's head may have been hit. The cars around them swerved and went on. Although they wern't hurt they would definately have been shaken up a bit. But people were still eager to get home. We decided to stop as I got out and helped the man to move the vehicle. Nikhil parked to the side. I asked them if they were ok but the lady who was yelling at her husband now looked at me to get some support for her case. "You tell me. Wasn't he driving fast", she looked at me still yelling at her husband. "If I knew how to drive I would drive but...". She looked at me to say something more to bolster her case. Errr change the subject.... "Water". I'll go get water from the car. "Cold water", she smiled at me. Ok cold water. We will get it from the shop across the road. Her husband was quite all the time while she kept on yelling :-) Even when we came back after a few minutes she was still poking him. He handed me the money, thanking me for the help and we moved on. I don't know for how long the storm lasted.

We had a nice dinner. Nikhil's friend Lloyd cooks pretty well. Nikhil made some nice steak. The second round was better. Maybe it was cause of the beer that fell in :-) Rahul did some impersonations of Jack Nicholson and some other guys. "Mr Gamboni".... Pretty good voice modulation, diction and depth accompanied by some facial gestures. He was wearing a pink, yes a PINK t-shirt for which there were some nasty comments from the audience. Then there was Varun. He also had a story to tell. Lloyd's list of people he didn't like kept on increasing thru the night :-) Nikhil told us about the time in Kolkata where he innocently played TT with this girl. The next morning there were people waiting outside church to beat him up :-) Everyone had stories to tell. Slept again at about 4am. The next day on the way to the airport down came the rain. It felt extremely good. I hope the rain didn't take that long for the elderly couple.

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Sonali said...

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Your Sis