Sunday, July 03, 2005

Wars of the Worlds

Landed up at Rohan and Pooja's place, the movie marathon runners. They have a record of watching 3 movies in a single day. Or was that 4. Well I've heard of pub hopping but cinema hopping?? Today the humble plan was to watch just one. 'The War of the Worlds'. A movie where some ipods are trying to take over the world. Wait... iPods... thats a different war in a different world. In that world there are some who want to have windows in anything and everything. Then there is a tiger thats on the prowl hoping to woo everyone with its sleek looks, elegant movements and sturdy body. Will the halo effect of the iPods help to win the war. Boot, search, crash, boom, bang! The battle continues.

Back in moviedom there were these tripods trying to take over the world. There were some good special effects but the movie was definately not scary. Well thats not what the guy next to me thought. He was like all pale and stuff??? His eyes transfixed to the screen, with his hands covered over his ears. "Hear No Evil". I chose to cover my eyes, giggling, "See no Evil". Pooja too was goofing around and had no other option but to cover her mouth, "Speak No Evil".

The interval. There was already a war brewing between Pooja and Rohan about a certain brownie, topped with ice cream and nuts. Either Rohan or Pooja thinks that she is getting fat. I haven't figured that one out yet. Rohan turns to me, "Do you think she is fat". Time stops. "HELLO!!! Don't you guys have a mirror at home". "Then use it". "Why me (sob sob)". "Will you beat me up if I say yes". "Will you beat me up if I say no". Both of them were still looking at me for an answer. Pooja was sitting besides me. "Nah". At times like this tell a story. "There is this friend of mine in a world far far away. She got married sometime back. She sent me some of their travel snaps after a pretty big gap. I reply saying the snaps are nice. She replies asking me if I noticed how much weight she had put on. I then went on to give her some advice on how to shed the extra fat." "Rule no 1. Don't diet. Never diet. Once you are off the diet your body will store more fat to be prepared for future such drops in food intake. Even if you lose weight you might end up causing some permanent damage." "Rule 2. Run. Exercise. You won't put on muscle if you follow the proper schedule." "And Rule 3. If anything backfires don't hunt me down". Short and sweet. Pooja, for the record, you are not fat. And Rohan, give her the brownie!!

Now Pooja also had a story to tell. Her face all lit up. I thought you just covered your mouth a few moments ago saying "Speak No Evil". Well this was not evil at all. It was pure. Pure entertainment :-) Anyways its a story about the world of my roomie Ayush. Also a movie marathon runner. Infact they set the record together. Well, Pooja and Rohan's 6 month wedding anniversary was the previous week. I was out of town. They called up Ayush, to go out for dinner. He tells them that he can't make it as he has some other 'commitments'. Ayush got engaged (not officially) sometime back and his fiancee, Pallavi, had just come into town. So he is sitting there, all starry eyed, typing an sms, "Hi Darling. How are you. I am with my Uncle having dinner." As the message is teleported through space and time, the world around him seems to move more slowly. Then he gets a reply. "Hi Darling. I am fine. I am also having dinner. With my husband". Arre Ayush what is this!!! Pallavi are you listening. "aaj Pooja kal koi duja". Ok ok.. it was not evil at all. It was pure. Pure faux pas.

I can imagine Ayush, a few moments earlier, pressing the send button. Then the realization of the same. After a debounce time of a few milliseconds the circuitry in the phone comes alive and starts to send signals in all directions, but in a controlled manner. "Maybe if I remove the battery the message won't go!!!", his heart still pounding. Maybe it will, cause of the capacitance leakage current that may have still been driving the radio components. This capacitance leakage current can be a very nasty thing. Especially in places where they tell you to, "SWITCH OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONES!!!". So don't just go and remove the battery and put it back in, thinking that everything is off. It may just start ringing during a play, when you are seated in the first row. uhem.

The movie ended. But for Rohan and Ayush the War of the Worlds had just begun :-) I really enjoyed the 'Wars' of the Worlds. I think it should get an Oscar.


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