Sunday, July 31, 2005

Water World

I guess many of you must be reading a lot of personal stories caused by the deluge in Mumbai. The highest recorded rainfall in India, ever. Even as I blog, Mumbai is threatened by another lashing of heavy rains.

Have been reading everywhere about the mumbai chaos.... ppl getting married over mobile phones :-) The people behind the wireless technologies must be feeling so happy now. I remember I had a chat with an elderly man in a train, about a month ago. I told him that I work on wireless technologies/products. He then told me that he used to work for the railways, sending messages using morse code. He then had some doubts as to how secure the current wireless standards are, as compared to his time. I tried to clear some of his doubts. He then smiled and said that technologies will always be there but ultimately they are used to meet the same goal. To make life easier for people.

Ok back to mumbai. Both my sisters are currently in Mumbai. My elder sister Natasha will be migrating to Australia on 5th August. So my mom had made plans to go to mumbai on the 30th of July. However due to rains all trains have been cancelled till the 6th of August. During the first deluge she was desperately trying to get thru but all phone lines were jammed. She actually fell sick and stuff :-)

She finally managed to sneak into mumbai by air yesterday, after being diverted to Goa for some time. If it was me I would have tried to cancel my ticket and woud have stayed on in Goa for some time :-) My sister tried in vain to explain to her to come later on. But I guess thats what the doctor ordered. I li'l bit of exercise :-) I saw people complaining on TV that the prices for water, taxis, basic needs etc etc have shot up in water world. Come to think of it we all do the same thing. "Pay me more cause the other company is paying higher or I'll leave" :-) esp in the IT industry in Bangalore.

Also these news channels are going a bit over board with stories... They want to be the first to air the spicy stories. There was this Air India plane (AI 111) which was scheduled to go from Mumbai to London. However there was some technical snag with the flaps of the wings. They were not working and the engines were heating up or something. They had to have an emergency landing at Delhi. The news channels were into "Breaking news" mode... They were giving minute by minute updates on the situation. "They are 4-5 fire brigades on standby". etc etc... The news channels were trying their best to spice things up. "Hello.... Firebrigades would be standard procedure". They were unnecessarily causing tension for ppl in mumbai.... c'mon tell Mumbai after the plane lands. Finally the plane landed safetly. Nothing happened. The news reporter was like,"err I didn't see smoke but I just got news that the plane landed safetly". Yeah he was actually sad that there was no smoke. His face went pale, as if he wanted something more to happen. He just wanted a story... What he needed was one tight slap :-)

Media, technology are individually just a means to an end. It is not an end in itself.

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Etchen said...

I haven't seen any news here(Ohio, USA) about Mumbai's terential downpour. Just how bad is it there?