Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Roomies day out

Paramesh used to work with me in Cisco. He was my neighbour at work. We then went on to become flatmates, gym mates, and trip mates. He used to be an evangelist for Linux until he jumped to Microsoft, and shifted to hyderabad.

We have been on some nice trips together. Like the unplanned one to Kodaikanal. Ayush, my other rommie had joined us. On the way we met some 7 other guys who Ayush knew from some IIT training classes. We bunked together in a rest house that had exactly 10 beds. Had loads of fun. The next day, the 3 of us found ourselves on our way to Madurai. We finally landed up spending some time on Swami Vivekananda's rock in the middle of the ocean in Kanyakumari. It is not the southern most point of India as most people think. Been on some other trips with him like the one to Kudremukh etc.

We used to gym together too. Manish, our other roomie had decided to join us but he ended up in hospital :-) He started again after sometime. Param has a senti side too. There was this time we were watching Stephen Spielberg's AI. Param had tears in his eyes at the end :-) Decided not to show him any of the real senti movies. He then got friendly with his childhood friend who is now a journalist. She told him that if he asked her father for any rice mills, she would kick his butt :-) He also built a miniature house and stuff for her out of icecream sticks. We had to parcel it to Delhi.

Present Day: Param got a transfer to Seattle and had come to bangalore to say his 'tata', 'bye bye' to everyone. Manish, Param and myself decided to meet over lunch. Ayush couldn't join us cause of work. We chatted about old times, future plans etc. He has made some more progress on the journalist front too. Met her parents and stuff. However they are of different castes so there is some initial negative reaction from both parents. He knows things will work out though. I asked him what caste she is from. He said ,"I don't know", and smiled. Will be there for your marriage dude.

Had come across this poem on the web a couple of years back.

Once upon a time
Once upon a time
Or so the story begins
They lived happily ever after
Or so the story ends
And the stuff in the middle
Is pretty much the same
As star-crossed lovers
Overcome some seemingly
Insurmountable obstacle
To get from Once Upon A Time
To Happily Ever After
Leaving me to wonder
Whether the love begat the obstacle
Or the obstacle begat the love

- Copyright 2002, by Joseph Rohrbach

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