Tuesday, July 26, 2005

26 on the 26th

It was that time of the year. I was about to turn a year older so I decided to share my sorrows with some friends. Since the number of friends seemed to be more than my sorrows I started to wonder what to do. I really wanted to do something nice so I ended up sending out an email.

The Invitation:

Please keep yourselves free this Sunday evening (24th July). And if you can manage to do that then drop by my place for dinner. The reason.... Well music's in the air etc etc... do you really need a reason... for those who need one here are two...

Ab tak chabees: ... and still counting.
I'll be 26 on the 26th...

Ab tak paanch: ... and still counting.
uhem.. I have made a lot of money from referral bonuses. Others go thru the grind by giving and taking the interview and I make some money on the side :-) Some even claim that I'm gonna build a house with all the bonuses :-)

Now the Big Plan:
I was planning to take you all out to Leela Palace but then we would be scattered over a number of tables. So I have decided to call you home :-) phew.
I was also planning to cook but then realized that I can't. Don't worry... we'll think of something.

The Place:
My home
the place I sleep



7:30pm .... till the building ppl call the police.

Repondez s'il vous plait. Not a reply all please.
Cause I need to plan. Yeah things like cleaning the house. Removing the clothes from the sofa so that ppl can actually sit on it etc etc...

c ya,

There you go. Nice and easy. Hmmm.... As I sat there in my chair staring at the email for a few moments it finally hit me. "Yikes I have just 2 days to go. We also have a release to make at work. Are they all gonna fit in the house." I then quickly rechecked my mental picture of all of them stuffed inside my place and gave it a nod. Called up my cousin and appraised her of the situation I had put myself into. She willingly agreed to take care of ordering the food. She also said that she would bake a cake for me :-) So the plan is that people come, chat, eat and go. "Hmmmm... Nah.. how boring." Maybe I should try to channelise they energies to lift up the tempo. What would my Dad do.... Games :-) Yup, my Dad always comes up with nice games. Called my parents up and asked them to send me some ideas.

The next day went by quickly in getting a lot of office work done. My Mom sent some ideas for some games. Slept on them. However was still not getting that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know the mission will be accomplished. The next day I landed up at my cousin's place to go to the lady just down her road, who prepares some nice food. However her daughter had just delivered so she was unable to deliver. We went to someone else but that person was not at home. Yikes. We then went to a third place and they said they would deliver. I then rushed to office to complete some more work. After that I decided to work on some games. I just had to get that warm fuzzy felling. I then started to think of what my friends would like. Googled for ideas. Finally thought of a game that I just knew everyone would enjoy. However it was too much of work to prepare, so I decided to drop it. After some more thought I decided to go for it. Spent quite some time on it.

The next day we had a herculean task of cleaning the house. After that went out with my roomie Ayush to get some of the shopping done. Finally with only the food left I decided to take a half an hour nap. Called the food ppl and they give me a heart attack by saying that there is no order in that name. We finally picked up the food and then it began to pour. Finally everything went off well. Phew. Tired but with a smile on my face I finally went to sleep. C'mon.. I mean I went days without sleep. Its a good thing I used to sleep at night though :-)

Today alot of friends sent me messages wishing that life be good to me the coming year. Hmmm... Come to think of it people often ask "So howz life been to you?". But somehow its never, "So how have you been to life?". I have often wanted to ask people that, but somehow never have. So today I'll ask myself.


Etchen said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

lakshmi said...

You actually got referral bonuses..hmm.. You said it, the other ppl go through a lot of trouble getting em for u.. so hw bout being fair and square and splitting the moolah:D

emanish said...

Thanks for the wonderful party at your house and the cool games too :). (btw you have to mail me the links for them)