Monday, August 22, 2005

Hellos and byebyes

A couple of my batchmates arrived into the city. Met Meghana after 3 years. She was with us in Cisco before she went to IIT Mumbai for an MTech. Meghana is the big sister types of our college junta out here. Met Jaya after 2 years. She finished her Mtech at IIT Kanpur. She hasn't changed a bit. Still giggles when she talks or should I say talks when she giggles. 'Yes' is a giggle, a nod and a giggle. 'No' is a nod, a giggle and some other wierd behaviour. Then there is the 'achaaa', followed by the giggles. She used to teach in our college for a brief period too. One of her ex student tells me that ppl from mechanical and electrical used to come to attend her classes. Hello.. wern't you teaching the electronics and computer science students :-) Anyways the panchat queen is back. Long live the panchat queen. Met Appya aka AJ too. He is a really brilliant chap. Gate All India rank (AIR) 1. One of the close friends I used to study and hang out with in college. Meghana, Jaya and Appya have joined Yahoo. Welcome.

Met Rohan yesterday. He is now a CCIE, thats Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert. Was preparing for nearly 2 years for the exam. He had cleared the written exam sometime back. But thats the easy part. Gave the lab on Saturday. Its a 8 hour long gruelling test of all your routing fundaes. Amongst the younger junta to get a CCIE. Is the 115 th CCIE in India. There are about 12000 worldwide. His wife Puja was telling us that they don't know what they will talk about now that the CCIE is done with :-) Well you guys will always have your movie marathons to run!!!! Puja was telling us about how they met 5 years back. See something else to talk about. Anyways he was one of her good friend's ex-boyfriend. Well you can expect a lot of drama from there onwards. Anyways CONGRATS once again, to both of you. All the best and see you guys next year.


Ligeo said...

Nice one, dude. The part about highway riding and romancing the road sounds great. Written like a true motorcycling soul :)
Should I clarify that you were taking pics of bike wheels just cuz you were under heavy kick of the 'cold reliever' rather than 'just for kicks' as you mentioned. ;)

Looking forward for more such romancing with the highways.


Alistair D'souza said...

The wheel/bike shots would make Joy Dutta proud of me.... I'll send him a link to the blog :-)

Etchen said...

I'm sorry for such a stupid question but I treid to look it up and it's not in our dictionaries herre. What is the word "batchmates"?