Saturday, August 27, 2005

Lost in translation

Had to drop Neeti to her college after the play. I knew that I would loose my way. I just knew it. Its like when you walk into the rain you know you are gonna get wet, but you go anyway. Err... what?? Well its this thing with my internal compass. Sometimes it just conks off. I have been to NLS before to drop Neeti but in Saurabh's car. The insides of his car are more amusing than the road so let that be my reason for not keeping track of the directions... hmmm....

Anyways I had planned to take some bread to drop on the way to find my way back but Neeti thought I was kidding. Hello!!!! She pointed to landmarks and gave me directions for returning, all along the way. So I was busy making this mental map in my head. All I gotta do is follow the mirror image. Simple :-)

But on the way back I missed the very first turn... Damn!!!! So much for the map and the mirror image... Landed up somewhere in Vijayanagar. Well I've been lost in Vijayanagar before so things did look familiar :-) Finally after a tour of half the city I reached home. I'll get it right the next time... Maybe I should have taken bread. Yeah yeah, hindsight is always accurate.

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