Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sweet Mother of mine

People often ask me how I manage to get so many days off at work. I was recently off on a two week haitus. Before that I had taken a week off in November. And during the middle of the year I had taken a lot of holidays. At one point I would vanish from the city every 2 weeks :-) The hangover of the previous exploit would just start to fade and then I would be at it all over again.

Maybe I'm important so they allow me to freak out whenever I wanna or maybe I'm not so important, that they do not care if I'm working or not. Hmmmm... Or maybe its cause of the goodies I get back from home. Whenever I say I'm taking time off people are like, "So you're going home!!!". And then they give this big smile. If I reply in the negative then I would hear things like,"Maybe you could go home too on your way back. Its been quite some time since you went home right." Well my mom makes some mouth watering cakes and other goodies. And the cakes taste even better when its fresh out of the oven. Hot cake with some yummy icing to top it off. My mom gave me a lot of cakes (two types) and other christmas goodies. I took some to office and it was over before I could send a mail out. My PC was taking time to boot and other people were like,"No we won't send the mail". No one volunteered to go get a knife. They just used whatever was around. My manager would say,"Lets plan you're next trip home" :-) Then there was Sridhar who complemented me on being my mother's son!

Well what can I say my mother is sweet, very sweet. Even the doctor thinks so. We have known that she has this extra sweetness for the past four years but due to my sister's wedding and christmas she was toooo sweet this year end. Was a teeny weeny bit afraid but I didn't tell her that. My Dad didn't show it but then again there are a lot of Clint Eastwoods out there. Well she has promised to control her sweetness like before, but the sweet goodies will keep coming. And I'll sure be getting a lot of days off :-)

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Etchen said...

So good cooking is the way to a boss's heart, eh? Hmmmmm....I think I try a certain chocolate cake recipe on my boss and see about a few vacation days! ;-)