Monday, May 15, 2006

Days of thunder

This weekend I metup with friends. We had a lot of rounds of 20 questions as AJ just got engaged. He was at the receiving end as we fired away with questions. He was treating us, so were polite in our queries :-) AJ was all charged up and replied to one and all. As we drifted towards the lean end of dinner the conversation stabilized towards the rhetoric. Sometime around that very moment a stray query hit Deepa on the head. She looked at us and replied that she was also engaged. She told us that she was to tell us the coming day but decided to tell us about it today itself. She then told us that the proposal came a few months back. The guy was on his knees and stuff :-) Well we'll be having another round of 20 questions soon. AJ was silent as the focus now shifted to Deepa. I then jumped up and shouted, "You just stole his thunder". :-)

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