Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Godfather

It was the dawn of a new day... but for one chosen soul, someone, somewhere, it was more like, "The Don of the next generation". A big responsibility on my wide shoulders.... My mother let me in on the secret with instructions in a hush covert tone, "I'm NOT supposed to tell you, so ACT surprised when they tell you". The next day was witness to one of the finest acting performances in all of NeverLand; a performance that would give Vito Corleone a run for his black money or Shahrukh Khan for that matter. Wait!!! it would be blasphemous to even consider Shahrukh Khan in the same ranks of the 'Godfather'.

As Mario Puzo etched his rational, "Italians have a little joke, that the world is so hard a man must have two fathers to look after him, and thats why they have godfathers." :-)

What do I do with the weight of the new world on my shoulders ?
Well I have to put cotton in my mouth, breathe heavily, and talk slowly and err give him bigger gifts on his b'days.... that’s what my godmother used to do for me.... :-) minus the freak show that is.... On a more serious note its more of having a moral role in the upbringing of the child... but then again you can have a role even if you are not the godparent... or you can choose to have no role even if you are... it depends on the person... Its more of tradition...

Reactions from my friends on my new found status:
yeah .. he's a bad example for the kid :) and definitely dont tell him u go to church every sunday .. he'll wonder what u've been doing there for so many years ;)


I hope next time i see alistair, he is not walking like marlon brando, or talking in a coarse voice with cigar ...

About guiding the child well..., Alistair i don't have high hopes from you... 27 yrs of virgin existence without a mate (or have had met anyone even once); how will you even show your face to the next generation, the fading veneration, the shame, the disgrace, ohh.... you better get doing sth soon before your nephew does it, I mean he does look smart... You can never be sure of this next generation, so before he makes a figurative 'mamu' out of you (or all of us), you (we) better...

I am scared already... damn it before i get more competition eating into already extinct class of good girls...., I better get 'doing' something about it...

yes almost forgot..., Congratulations.


PS: relax : fairer sex has been kept out of loop for a reason, to save our pure (heck i hate this word) souls and self-respect (not that it has done any good to us till now) from the disgrace.

alistair ? godfather ? hmmm... behind every successful software engineer, there is a crime... which one's yours ?


I guess my sister made me godfather so that I can enlighten him about the mistakes I've been making.... sob sob.... atleast he will learn from my follies.... sob sob....


Reema Banerjee said...

good christ...u, gosfather...too much to live up to for ur lil nephew, dont u think???

Gaurav said...

Alice ! this is great !!

The Godfather can surely give some lessons on dancin, marathons n blogging apart from the serious stuff of life (not to mean that ruuningthose 42 kms was a joke :) )
The lil one will have lot of uncles ( read godfather's frnds like us )to learn from their 'follies' ..

n is a crime to take SRKs name in the same breath as the great DON !