Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Plane and simple truth

We went to the terrace of our office building which overlooks quite a bit of bangalore. From there w could see the airport runway where planes were landing and taking off. a friend then narrated a story which took place in 1985.

His uncle was coming to Bhopal from Raipur, so he had gone with his dad to the airport to pick his uncle up. Sometime around the arrival time they saw the plane hovering above the airport. They waited for an hour and the place was still hovering above. The airport authorities did not tell them what the issue was. After some time the plane disappeared. When they again inquired from the authorities they were told that the plane is going back to Raipur.

Later in the day they managed to get through to the uncle. He the narrated the sequence of events. It turned out that the wheels of the plane were stuck. So they were trying to unlock the chamber. However by the time they reached Raipur they managed to open the wheel chamber and landed safetly.

"But why did you'll go back to Raipur", asked my friend's dad. "Well", said his brother,"The airport in Bhopal did not have a firefighter engine".


Reema Banerjee said...

1985...hmm, had it been now, i wud have bet my life it was an air deccan flight!

Etchen said...

OMG. Thank goodness the wheels finally came down!

Alistair D'souza said...

@ reema and etchen
thank God they have firebrigade engines at all airports now :-)

arati kadav said...

nice story :)