Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scary Movie 2

It was Halloween at the other side of the globe and so we decided to watch a scary movie after dark since the next day was a holiday. As the sun set over yet another drizzly day, we found our way to Addie's place. We chose Addie's place cause otherwise he wouldn't turn up after hearing that we planned to watch a scary movie. He gets damn scared, and right enough when he heard about the movie he tried hard to come up with excuses about why he couldn't watch the movie. We had to pin him down and block the exit to the room. Then he closed his eyes and announced that we couldn't stop him from sleeping. In the end Richa, Bala and myself ended up watching the movie.

The start wasn't that scary more so cause we experimented with different players/decoders and different instruments to play the movie. The problem was cause we watched the original movie 'Dark Water', which was made in Japanese. The subtitles came with a delay. And the delay got bigger over time; it started out with less than a second delay an towards the end it was about 5+ mins. After sometime we had to remember what had happened as we tried to match the subtitles with what had happened. The movie was open to interpretation till the subtitles finally came to unravel the mystery. But we got along fine.

The moie was more spooky than scary and it did have its moments when we tried hard to wake up Addie to watch th movie. I was one of the many ppl trying to frighten him. But then I showed my true colours. It was towards the end of the movie that Bala's phone rang and I jumped up :-)


Etchen said...

That was a spooky movie-I just finished watching it--I watched it alone and in the dark, so I managed to creep myself out and have to stay awake for a long time then! I am soooo stupid! That's funny about the delay--does that happen often?

Just Another Brick said...

Hey.. interesting house. Nice architecture. Liked it.

Gotta love the innocence and the joy on that kid's face. I guess I can never go back to that life.. Gotta worry about car payments, oil prices, weakening currency :))

Man.. very nice trip you guys had to Leh. I've been thinking of Leh, Ladakh for a long time now. Although motorcycling over there seems attractive, I know its never gonna be the same as hiking or cycling over there. The martial-art that foreigner was practicing.. was that Tai-Chi? You gonna blog about the trip? :)

Alistair D'souza said...

@ etchen

so you watched 1408 or 'dark water'... try watching 'dark water' too... the japanese version.

the delay was cause of incorrect combining of the subtitles with the encoded data.. it usually is in sync but just when you want to watch a scary movie such things crop up and kill the thrill a little :-)

@ ligeo

I think it was tai-chi... gonna complete the leh trip report over this weekend...