Monday, October 13, 2008

Discovering Silence

Was talking about 'silence' with a friend and what it does to you. She managed to bring out the gist pretty well, including 'discovery' and its process.

"There is no 'discovery' of self in the way we set out to find it. We 'discover' who we are by unlearning, reverting to a more basic self. A self we all lose touch with as we live life. We add on layers and explanations and rationale and we "coat" that self. And then set out at some point in life to "discover" it. When in fact it was always there. We just stop reconginizing who we are. 

Thats what a quiet serene place does. It helps that unlearning process, in a manner no other place can.

All people - brilliant achievers, they reach a stage in life where they stop trying to show what they know. They are 'almost' simple. u know? Its like they reach a stage where they know something more precious than all that knowledge and experience they have attained."

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Aj said...

Y'know, there is a fair bit of scientific evidence to this. The concept is based on our brain being divided in to two parts -- each of which function differently. One half causes us to look at life as a series of patterns and form what we refer to as 'habits.' That dampens our creativity because we are then bound to set patterns. The other half - the creative half, works in situations where we encounter something new.

Letting your mind explore in silence is the most basic way of seeing beyond the obvious. Patterns manipulate our lives to such an extent that your bid for creativity at a later point in time, is also a set pattern that the human intelligence follows. Theres just no way around somethings. :)