Thursday, October 16, 2008

A single simple deep breath

"It comes in a second. Thats the only time I know its real", her whisper saw realization unclothe itself, laying aside its inhibitions.

"We are beginning to discover each other and ourselves. Isn't it amazing, unlearning and discovering what is already there", the overtone found its way through waxing epiphany.

Her voice felt the reverberations of its thoughts, "The more complex we get, the simpler our thinking needs to be. Its like for example the human body- the more we try and explain the seemingly 'simple'; 'seemingly simple' coz we who are so intelligent still cannot create life at will; the more complex our explanations are getting. And yet, it is so simple the way we give life! and yet cannot give life at will! Thats where I think the unlearning part is; at the heart of something we are all overlooking; understanding something greater by unlearning.

Take the pyramids. I honestly believe we have gotten so damn complex in our thinking, that we just cannot fathom how the hell the pyramids were built all that time ago and yet they must have used something so simple, that it escapes our understanding as a race. We have this need to get complex, increase the entropy for no apparent larger reason and yet.... and yet..", a simple smile inhaled its fresh crisp sensing touch, taking it all in.

"And yet there is so much wisdom in a single simple deep breath"

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