Friday, December 17, 2010

A star in the night

There is happiness everywhere
Christmas- the silver lining,
to mark the end of another year
The curtains closing gently,
over this another gift of time.
The world pauses for a brief second,
to ponder its joys,
its hardships and everything in between.
A sigh- of peace
and quiet contentment and gratefulness
Against a backdrop of laughter and merriment
A lone tree decorated,
a humble attempt at a crib,
a star lit up in the night- what Joys!
Old fears and foes forgotten-
even if only for a brief moment in time
Eyes close, in a dream world without any regret
Only frost on the windows of tomorrow-
not a care to be had
Today is beautiful and life is beautiful
May the joys of today be with you
now & always- wherever you are

--- Margaret

1 comment:

Jaya said...

You know what, Christmas time reminds me of the absolutely yummy cake that your Mom prepares. Say my thanks to Aunty for treating us. And wish you all a Merry Christmas!