Saturday, September 24, 2005

The garage projects

"When was the last time you fought with your manager to get the product right?"

"If you have been doing any pet projects in your garage or in your work table when there's no one around, now's the time to come clean."

"If you identify with any of the above, then you would enjoy what comes next."

We had some posters put around office some weeks back. No one knew who was putting them up.

Well finally it was revealed that we were having a kinda pet project in the garage contest. We were given time in advance to think of ideas but were expected to do the implementation only on the final day. Ayush and myself were together... We didn't finalise on the idea till the contest started... :-) It was a nice experience never the less.... It kinda reiterated the fact that engineering is all about solving problems....

On the day of the event our huge open hall was filled with computers. About 30+ folks participated. You could see ppl discussing, hacking away at their PCs. Ppl were trying all kinds of stuff in order to complete their respective projects. Learn new tools, design the architecture, learn some user interface tools, come up with innovative ideas. Well we didn't see any teams going for each others necks but that would have been a nice sight :-)

I was amazed by some of the projects that people had come up with. There were one very useful h/w contraption that one team had put together. Many had used bluetooth in their projects. At the end of the day many teams put together complete working products. It was a nice way to re-charge the spirit of creativity and innovation that is so very important for a young company like us.

oh yeah.. And we got free t-shirts and free pizza too :-)

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