Monday, September 19, 2005

Jazz.. The real thing.

I have been listening to some Jazz music of late. Sridhar once asked me to try and listen to the drum beats and count the number of unique beats that were being repeated. Usually you find that in rock music the beats would be about 4-5 or so. But the Jazz music that I was listening to had about 10 beats. The beats were very light and very fast. Amazing. Jazz music has been growing on me in the past few months.

So when I heard that there was this Jazz and Rock concert being organised by Intel I decided to go. Err... there was no Jazz... no freaking Jazz at all. The army band was supposed to play Jazz which was 'NOT' Jazz. Then there was this band called 'The Unknowns' who were introduced as the best band in Bangalore :-) Well I've heard better!!!! Anyways we danced away to glory till my legs ached. Had a jolly good time. The place to hear some good enough live Jazz is 'Java City'. They have a live band playing on Sunday in the evenings. Have been there twice and enjoyed it both times. However the drummer hits the drums a bit too hard. There is this pretty old uncle who plays the Saxaphone. Jazz over a cup of coffee and some chatting. Nice combo :-)

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