Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Tooth Fairy

A long time ago, in a mouth far far away.....

Wisdom was growing at a slant, demanding an audience from the lady with the pliers. Gone were the days of doors tied to strings, or heavy stones tied to strings and thrown down wells (not sure if anyone really does that). A flash and a look later a date was set. The brave knight arrived on his blue bird and parked his derriere in the hot seat. A piece of cake he thought; oblivious to the fact that this cake had a totally different recipe. He was thinking about happy thoughts and was babbling away and then the needle was shown; to which he gasped, 'Yikes. I forgot about that' and then he went silent. The lady with the pliers reveled at that contrast. A couple of tools, some hardcore pulling and some bone crunching sounds later it was separated from its skeleton. In all his amusement, amongst the gurgling of blood, he yelped, "Can I have it. I want to put it under my pillow".

His diction resembled 'The Godfather' and so lacking some wisdom he called his GodSon and mumbled,"Never take sides with anyone against the family again....Ever". To which he got a reply,"Booooo Weeeeee Wuuuuu", which were replicated at his end and were followed by giggles. People on the road wondered if he was talking in tongues and they reveled. Realizing his plight he rode away, with tooth in pocket, into the sunlight sky.

And so it was put under the pillow as its outcome was mid-life-crisisly pushed into the back burner of the labyrinth of that vast Sargasso sea. In an epoch of a parallel dimension its outcome was queried, with a realization of its fate; it was gone, vamooshed into thin air. Or maybe it was the tooth fairy! There was no hard cash under the pillow but then again that was not the intent. As his head slowly sank into the pillow, voices were heard by that little thinghy that spits out, "Put your lights on". The lights are still off though.

Maybe when another chunk of wisdom is yanked, the tooth fairy will return. Either that or the royal domestic help. But he put his money on the tooth fairy, cause we all remember fairy tales in our own way. Don't we.

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