Monday, March 24, 2008

Taare Zameen Par and the Art of Motormouth Maintenance

On 'Taare Zameen Par' and the Art of Motormouth Maintenance.

Ok, so lets face the facts. Consciously or unconsciously we have been mean people at some point in our lives. And no matter how good we endeavor to be, we will be mean people again at some point in the future. And lets also face the facts that deep down inside we all think that we are good people and at some point or the other we have tried to show the world/ourselves that we care, consciously or unconsciously, in order to attain that certificate that claims, 'Don ke seene me bhi dil dhadakta hai!!!!!'

So I met this friend over the weekend in Pune. He has this habit of tipping girls off. He loves doing it. So we were in the midst of a conversation and this girl mentioned in a very serious and emotional aura that she cried while watching the movie 'Taare Zameen Par'. Just then his eyes lit up, as the hair on the back of his neck tingled with mind boggling certainty with regards to the choice of his next words and the high it was about to give him. With sarcastic humor and a tone of self proclaimed insanity he poked her, "Alistair did you cry when you watched the movie". I hinted a subtle 'No', setting out on the verge to explain that I was probably immune to such a mild show of emotions as I have watched many such movies and my threshold was a tad bit higher.... But all he wanted was the 'No'; cutting me short in my introspective reverie, so as not to lose the moment; the stage was set and he pounced on her like the big bad wolf.

"I know you must have been very bad at studies. All people who had problems in studies point to the screen and start crying. That was me. That was me. And the amount you cried is proportional to how bad you were."

Well it sure killed my reverie but it sure made me hysterical as I silently applauded that near perfect delivery. And then the two of them got into this nice healthy argument. It sure made the conversation more lively and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I tried this on some other people. The idea is to catch them in a serious/emotional mood. Its amusing to see the receiving end, pause for an ephemeral second, think about the reasons why they cried and then hit back with an explanation; the stutter in their tone, the smile on their face knowing that they've just been had. It sure makes for some healthy poking. And at the end of it brings smiles on everyone's faces.

PS: only to be tried on friends you know well... :-) otherwise you'll never get to know them well...


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