Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wedding Toaster - Notes

[keep points for each topic/flow but not complete sentences. say something to this effect]

[start with a strong joke to grab people's attention]
As I raise the toast, I would request Vijay to take Manisha's hands and place his right hand over them (pause and change to a soft lovey dovey tone) and look deeeeeeeep into her eyes and cherish this moment (pause). Cause this may be the last time he has the upper hand (the punch line should be delivered with good timing).

We are the choices that we have made. Some choose to get married and some choose to proudly proclaim that they are single by choice (pause). But they never mention whose choice, do they. (punchline to be delivered with a quick, querying and serious tone/sarcastic humor).

And then there are the choices of falling in love, where we dream of fairytales and build castles in the air. But that doesn't happen. And then we make the choice that falling in love is not about finding the perfect person but about learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

[change the flow from love to introduce the families. No qualifications/degrees/designations, but try to bring out humanity]

But love is the union of souls and marriage is the union of families and friends. Vijay and his close knit family are from Malaysia. I know Manisha and her family from 3 years back, when my Mom was visiting her cousins in Goa. I had other plans since I didn't know any of them. But the "what re", "Ahh voice" and "no men" were delivered in such a homely manner that I ended up extending my trip to 2 weeks. So basically what I'm trying to say (looking at Vijay) is that for the first 2-3 weeks they'll be good to you (pause) and then (pause and make people think of the punchline).... I'm sure they'll be ever better.

[if ppl are laughing then make a comment with subtle humor to mark the demarcation where you are finally getting serious]
So now that I have everyone's attention, I think its time I raised the toast (pause).

I've written a poem on Fairytales called 'Finding never Never Land' and it goes something like this.

[read out the poem]

Finding Never Never Land

Once upon a time,
Or so the fiction begins.
Everyone lived happily ever after,
And so the fiction ends.
And the poetry in translation,
In certainty, is what its all about.
So that once upon a time,
Ends with happily ever after.

And so once upon a time,
Somewhere beyond the rainbow.

The cards are dealt as we play our parts,
With poetic license, the rhyming starts.

A blank canvas, that gaping void,
Those dreamy strokes, retracing Freud,

Resolutions to make, and some to keep,
As the mind starts to wander, far and deep.

Coup de main, a consensus breached,
Caught unawares, the rainbow bleached.

Consenting adults, the coming of age,
Juvenile passions, each considered a sage.

Same is the cross, but different the nails,
Those runaway trains, on imaginary rails,

Beneath the embers, as the ashes take form,
From silent lucidity, comes a silent storm.

Astray in the darkness, with each echoing word,
The dialogue begins, others feelings are heard.

Timeless shadows, lurking in the soul,
A solemn understanding, in parts, then in whole,

Out of the blue a whisper passes by,
You tend to ignore it, you seem to know why.

The silent whisper in a world of the blind,
It starts to resonate, is it your kind.

The yellow brick road, a vision, depart,
In search of courage, some wisdom, some heart.

Perchance to dream, a sculptor's bliss,
Those Hands that builds out of nothingness.

They rock the cradle, a dream unfurled,
Hand in Hand, they rule the world.

Our place in the sun, if the books we trust,
From ashes to ashes, just a handful of dust.

As reality abides, we walk on our own,
The Secret of Memories, we are not alone.

The Angel's lullaby, the soprano's song,
The silent whispers still linger on.

Finding Never Never Land, for each I say,
Cause we all remember fairytales in our own way.

So here's to Manisha and Vijay.
Through the wrinkles of time,
May you share everything.
(pause for the punchline)
Including the housework.


Julieanna said...

What a lovely poem. I am sure everyone loved your thoughtful speech, but next time can you video tape it? I would kill to see the look on your face when the other guy was telling your joke first! tee-hee! ;-)

Alistair D'souza said...

its taped... i'll have to get the video from them...

the thing is that he said the joke clowly.... waited for the guy to put the hand over the girl's.... and I was waiting too hoping that it wasn't the same joke... shucks :-)

Sumit Sorde said...

Too goood!