Thursday, August 28, 2008

Willingly Willed

Free-will, they say, is precious
From past mistakes, I tend oft to disagree
And yet, failure is what builds character they say
Why then are we today, still frustratingly so un-free

We don't know what's to come tomorrow
And we rarely understand & reflect on our past
Hence we oft choose, foolishly, looking at the flitting present
And with these decisions then, on us the die is cast

How then, does one choose wisely in the 'now'
Does one rely on the foolish heart or the ignorant mind
Perhaps, its only belief and faith then, that do feature
In this, life's test of time

We were created to believe in someone greater
Look inside you, and your quiet wise soul will concur
Yet we choose to blissfully ignore its precious wisdom
For flitting present gains, our belief and faith are made to blur

We are not who we think we are
And it would seem foolish to think we know it all
Lets not, then, paradoxically rely on ourselves to exercise free-will today
But rather, on the one who created all things- big and small

-- Margaret Desouza

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