Saturday, August 30, 2008


My little world, I wrap myself in
Day in and day out, obsessing
If only this and if only that I say
Inner silence I shatter
'I me and myself' so my days pass
Relativity I forget
Till I hear of another being and his struggle
I stop dead ashamed
I wonder who what and why
My obsession masking what is true
I tend to forget how precious life is
How utterly delicate and taken for granted
I feel worse than I did before
For the thankfulness lasts but a second
Such is the irony of obsession
With oneself and ones own little world
How many more beings would it take
For the seconds to extend to forever
But I end this moment with hope
That we are given time to change
To realize and learn and be thankful
To let go, give in and take the journey

-- Margaret Desouza

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