Sunday, May 06, 2007

Videos of the 2004:Har Ki Dun trek

I found some amateur video clips from way back in 2004, when we had gone trekkig to Har Ki Dun. A writeup of the trek can be found out here. Listen to the audio too.

Children of Osla
The village 'Osla' is situated on the way to Har Ki Dun. I took out some clips of the children out there. Its a nice cosy little village neatly tucked into the mountain sides. I decided to capture all those little kids; the 'Children of Osla'. Majid Majidi style ? Not even close :-)

Cradled Amongst Mountain Peaks
Har Ki Dun is situated at a height of about 11200 feet, picturesquely cradled amongst mountain peaks. We trekked thru rain and snow and sun soaked skies for around 7 days. Trekking in snow is both tiresome and exhilirating. Loved the trek.

Folk Songs from the mountains
Nehra who was a local sang us some folk songs on our trek to Har Ki Dun. One of the songs was about this guy who was in love with this girl from his village and how he broke the news to her...

The Loooooooong Walk
I've patched together clips of us joyfully frolicking along the path to Har Ki Dun.

The Killer Tadpoles at Mystic River
We took a days rest at Camp Mystic River wher we bathed after around 5-6 days. The next morning we went to some natural pools tucke in the mountains.

Blair which project ?
We camped in tents on the way back from Har Ki Dun. This video is taken at night, inside one of the tents.


Namita said...

Amazing videos and I am impressed with your hindi!!!

pRicky said...

oh boy!!! a trek!!!

Etchen said...

I love the videos! You have such an adventurous life! Hope you are enjoying your time in the States!
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Reema Banerjee said...

nice! now go read mah blog. u bin tagged. do da needful

Etchen said...

Are you still sleepiing after your big trip? Where are you? ;-)

Alistair D'souza said...

yes yes.... very much back in bangy... lots to blog about... :-)

Reema Banerjee said...

post post post!!!