Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I always wanted to quit on a monday morning

Its a Monday morning. The Director of Engineering comes up to me. We go back a long way. We've built some pretty good bluetooth consumer products as a team. He is known for his pragmatism and is one of the people who I expect to be brutally honest with me. Glances are exchanged and I see a white envelope in his hand, his fingers follow a rythmic motion as they point to the issue at hand. The expression on his face is hard to decipher, and so is mine. We decide to go to a quiter place to talk. He hands me the envelope and tells me to read the contents before I sign them. I remove the paper from within. "Thats the resignation letter. All you have to do is sign. Take your time." The expression on my face is still hard to decipher and so is his. We talk about life and the livin of it in general. About the options we have and the choices we make. Expressions are decipherable, we smile. I dump the envelope in my bag.

I'm alone. The envelope commands an audience. I remove it from its covering. It lies there naked, open to the elements as the words communicate their intentions. The pen feels heavy as I gulp down nostalgia. Its done.

Ok time to sign the other document. The offer letter from the parent company. Just some paperwork and legal stuff :-) I was wondering if I should sign the resignation letter first or the offer letter. Or sign the resignation letter then relax and be jobless for sometime and then sign the offer letter :-)


Navreet said...

Reading this post was like reading a suspense story :)

Reema Banerjee said...

u total pig. i actually started to think...