Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The bad hair day

err.. week... well lets make that month.... so here it is 'The bad hair month'.

My sis Sonali who lives in Gurgoan, decided that she had to look more beautiful by manoeuvering the hair on her head in ways that would only seem innovative to the common mind. Mind you this is a very touchy subject so pay attention please. She then decided to pick a hairdresser by the age old process of elimination, "Well if they charge 300 they must be better than those who charge less than that." However you always have to check if the person who has been nominated to give you a makeover, is also not in a state of transition i.e. learning the ropes. Finally after battling it out for a few hours in the ring, the moment of truth. Lights.... Camera.... Reaction!!!!

Sonali walks out of the salon with a fringe that requires a little bit of gel to put things in perspective. Later on she had to use this baby clip on the right side of her head, to keep me from smiling. Well the baby clip did keep me from smiling but it couldn't stop me from laughing when I saw her down in bangalore :-) I mean, like I always get the same bad haircuts for 30 bucks... you don't need 300 bucks to do that.

PS: I only know for a fact that she had a bad haircut and uses a baby's clip to look better. The other part of the story is a pigment of my motley palate (read palette). Its not that good at painiting and thats why a thousand words are sometimes required to paint the picture. However the story I believe is very close to the real one, this presumption being based on another fact that I can put myself into her shoes and then walk around in them a little bit.... and when I'm a bit far away from her, damn I have her shoes so RUN..... hehehehehehe

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