Saturday, July 01, 2006

Superman Returns

To save the world ? To fight against evil ? To give us hope for a better future ?

Err... is it a bird, is it a plane. Well neither of those, and neither does he wear his underwear on the outside. Its the fifa world cup 2006 and its Zinedine Zidane. I mean he came out of international retirement and after a lacklustre beginning he seems to have found his majestic form again. He sure moves around the field like a master tactician, always maintaining that super cool composure of his. The way he caresses the ball, his balance, his passing ability, whilst always being on the lookout for openings, combined with the confidence that he exudes from his eyes can sure intimidate the fiercest of adversaries. I'm sure most of us tuned into the brazil-france match expecting the samba boys to beat the crap out of france. But Zidane at 34, after the end of his international career sure seems to have looked deep down within to find that little child inside. The child that knows no fear, who knows that he can take on the world no matter how big the obstacle or what others think of him. France have being playing with superman on their side for the past two matches. I'm sure Luiz Felipe Scolari must be on the lookout for some kryptonite.

It sure is a treat to see people at their best, be it in football, other sports, music, the arts or whatever their profession. We enjoy seeing them attain this state of mind cause it reminds us that we can do the same. I guess, in a way, we all need mirrors to remind us of who we are. But as we grow up, most of us tend to strike up an acquaintance with the hard reality that envelopes us, as we settle for mediocre dreams. However every now and then some of us find that courage to look deep down inside, to find that little child within, armed wih pure skill and a lions heart. The little superman that can save the world, that can fight against our evils, that gives us hope for a better future. That little child within, who is not afraid to fly around in his underwear.

PS: I'll be cheering for portugal. So I hope that they find the right costume, if you know what I mean.


amevil said...

cool stuff dude .. zizou magic is gonna sweep the world this WC ... Am also supporting Portugal though :p

emanish said...

cool ..
My tribute for zizou is coming up too.

Abhinav Goyal said...

well .. seems like portugal did find the right costume ... given the photo in today's times of india sports section ... ;)

and yet, zizou still found it within him to beat portugal ... u think he's gonna put it across italy too?