Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Strangers in the Night

I heard some voices mumbling in the background as I swayed between reality and never never land. As I was following the white rabbit, I heard my mom trying to open the front door. In my groggy state of affairs I vaguely heard her mutter some words, "Someone's at the door. I don't know who they are but they said they are your friends.", and she continued to struggle with the door without much light on the subject. Wait!!! Just the other day I had read in the papers that Bangalore had just been crowned as the crime capital of India. My biological clock, which is never wrong, told me it was about 3-4 AM in the morning, only to be proved wrong later. The incidents of robbery and murder having increased over the past few months. As I persuaded gravity to rush the required quantity of blood to my legs, I attempted to levitate myself and managed to assert in slow motion, "Don't open it!!". In those subsequent moments as my words seemed to be delayed towards its destination due to multipath effects, I saw the light from outside engulf the passageway to the entrance as I stopped in my tracks, the silhouettes taking shape out of thin air............

There were three of them and they had a cake with them. OK... errr... come inside please. It was after 1AM and Saurabh, Namita and Mani had decided that they wanted me to eat cake. Happy B'day :-) Well I decided not to beat them up as it was a nice thing to do. I mean a nice thing to get cake for me at 1AM in the morning!!!!

My mom and sis had decided to come down to bangalore inspite of me telling them that I'm a big grown up boy now... and that they didn't need to come and visit me on my b'day. But they did anyways.. which was what I wanted :-) Also Janelle, my younger sister couldn't come as she had school. So I started worrying her about it as I knew she would have loved to come here. I kept on worrying her about what all she would miss and she tried to pretend that it didn't bother her even a teenie weenie bit. She then sent me this nice power point slide on a CD, wishing me for my b'day.

Saurabh and Namita also gave me this present with a nice letter explaining the gift. Just thought of putting it up.

Dear Alistair,

Wish you a very Happy Birthday, we wanted to give you a very special gift. After a lot of hunting, we are happy to give you gift coupons from Landmark. You love reading, so a book shop coupon is the best thing to give you. However, we didn't want your choice to be limited by Landmark. That is why we specially ordered for coupons that would work in other major bookstores, such as Crosswords and Gangarams. These coupons do not have an expiry date either.

Just one more thing. You've been reading a bit too much of Che in the recent past. Please don't use these coupons for buying more of Che. After all, one doesn't want one's friend roaming through South America, following the footsteps of a revolutoinary, making out with all those hot Latinos. Not when we haven't had the chance to do that ourselves. We are sure you'll understand.

Namita & Saurabh

About Che, well whatever the doctor prescribes for asthma I say... and then again doctor knows whats best. Regarding that other comment, now now you decide.... what kind of friends would want to stop you from making out with some hot Latinos... Nope ... me no comprende ma man....


Just Another Brick said...

hmm. I would stop you from making out with some hot latino 'cause here in the US a latino is a male with latin american roots and a latina is a female of the same. :D oh wait! i forget you swing both ways. nevermind..

btw, your blogs are a great read. you've got some real literary talent.


Alistair D'souza said...

no no.... don't swing.... as straight as a ... errr.... err... well there is nothing straighter than me :-)

so how are the latinas out there...