Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who am I ?

I suddenly found myself in the midst of martians from Mars (how dumb.. now wasn't that self explanatory.. like Martians have ever been discovered on any other planet other than Mars..). Ok I'm digressing. As I was saying I found myself in the midst of familiar faces, buzzing around in my house, with these yellow 'post it' sticky thingies on their forehead. As I moved closer there seemed to be some famous person's name written on the paper. My analytical mind deduced that they were playing some game which employed simple physics principles in ingenious ways, proving that energy in the universe remains constant. I was witness to this phenomenon as the people moved around in an excited state of Brownian motion bumping into each other, releasing energy that would take them through the proceedings of the evening, hopefully with a little bit of that transformed energy spilling into the days to come. As they bumped into each other they seemed to be mumbling a few sentences, asking the other person questions about the 'famous' personality that was written on the paper pasted on their forehead. The other person seemed to be replying in monosyllables, 'Yes', 'No' or 'Maybe'. Well 'Maybe' has two syllables but that was to be used only in situations where you wanted to declare to the world how ignorant you are. Most people stuck to monosyllables, even the ignorant ones :-)

There were names like Bill Gates, Kofi Annan, Zinedine Zidane, Saddam Hussein, Lalu Prasad Yadav etc. One amongst the populace had by random sticking of 'post its' the name 'Alistair D'souza'. That person happened to be Deepa. And in her perpetual state of brownian motion she bumped into me. So the questions began.

Deepa> Is the person a girl ?
Alice> No

Deepa > Dead ?
Alice> No

Deepa > Bad guy ?
Alice> Nope!!!

Deepa > Is he a terrorist ?
Alice > Pardon moi....
Deepa > What ?
Alice > NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!.... (At that point I felt like slapping her. But I didn't cause she wasn't french!!)

Deepa > An actor ?
I then decided to break the rules of monosyllablic answers. I mean rules are mean't to be broken right.
Alice> Well... (tilting my head to one side, with one eyebrow up) he can act.... but errr....

Deepa > Is he famous?
Alice> Well... hmmm... not famous as such.... but well he has come in the newspapers sometimes... and then on TV too... cable TV and then BBC where he was almost famous, for 3 seconds. Well for 2 of those seconds he had flowers covering his face. Mother nature can be so cruel sometimes. Why couldn't she have wilted those flowers but never mind. Sob Sob...

At this point Deepa looked totally confused. She realised that the atomic composition of this piece of mass was err... loose in places. She then decided to bump into other people to clear her doubts. I think she was one of the last people to get the name of the so called 'famous' personality on her forehead. I also have doubts that she cheated by slipping into another room and then took a look at the paper.

Well after that I had two written games. I was almost beaten/kicked to death after the Jumbled Names game, cause people felt it was too tough. I mean what can I do if you don't watch movies!!! Then we had another 'How sweet are you?' game after which people were kinder to me.

After that we cut my mom's home made cake. There were these reigniting candles which made me blow air through my mouth so hard, that I think I might have just added to the ingredients... I mean icing/other ingredients... whats the difference... right... We all had fun :-)

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