Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The good, the bad and the err... terrorists

"It's GOD's responsibility to forgive the terrorists. Its our responsibiltiy to arrange the meeting between them and GOD."

Well I got this SMS from a relation who makes a living in the city of dreams, in the aftermath of the terror that had gripped the hearts of anyone who knows faces residing in that city. I went through the SMS, as the words took shape on my little lcd screen. And as new words replaced the old ones that had served their purpose, new thoughts replaced the old ones, following a similar pattern. At first a smile adorned my face which emanated from an anticipated thought that had formed in my head, wherein the sender wanted to be like those few who have it in themselves to forgive another, or maybe wherein the sender seemed like those many others who make use of such situations as a public show of empathy. Which category the sender fell into was already decided a few seconds before that. But only when I reached the ending did the irony and intention of it all unfold in front of me. Come to think of it the intention was still ambiguous as it was not stated if the meeting place was in heaven or on earth :-)

We come across a lot of people in our lifetime, some we like and some we don't, and then there are those that we hate. But those very same people that we detest are liked by others, which we sometimes find really hard to understand. Maybe its cause we all need mirrors to remind ourselves of who we are, and in the process we choose certain mirrors from amongst the populace that reflect our good side and certain that reflect our bad. And then there are those mirrors in which we would like to see our good side but due to lack of reciprocity/understanding, we sometimes end up seeing the reverse. So in a way there are terrorists all around us and we could so easily be branded as one too. Coming to the question of playing GOD's secretary for setting up meetings in heaven, can we really judge a person by quantifying how good they are to us. Or do we need to judge them by how bad they are to others, those unknown others who followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, never to return, even with red ruby slippers.

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